This guy is excellently trolling people who take vain selfies

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James Fridman is a bit of a whizz with photoshop, and is using his Twitter account in the best possible way at the moment.

The man, who describes himself as an artist on his Facebook page lives up to his billing, as he has recently been taking photoshopping requests from the general public, who want to improve their image.

However, most will probably not be happy with the choicely interpreted changes Fridman makes.

Such as this young woman, asking for longer legs...

...or this young woman asking for a tattoo of an 'angle'... get the rough idea:

Although, it does appear that Fridman has some mercy and/or restraint:

To send Fridman your photos for manipulation, see his terms and conditions on his website.

Fridman started his mission on the 4th March, as far as his social accounts show, and has gathered a following of some 15,000 people on Facebook and 50,000 on Twitter already.

But details of Mr Fridman's day job, identity and location are unknown and unverified as of yet - all his accounts were only started this month.

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