10 of the most difficult words to pronounce in the English language

Picture: MJ Kim/Getty Images
Picture: MJ Kim/Getty Images

English is an absolute b--stard to learn as a second language.

Our spellings are not intuitive, we have hundreds of ways of expressing the same thing, and regional variations are a nightmare.

That said, an audio clip of a man from the Czech Republic trying to pronounce ten of the most challenging English words for learners is delighting reddit users because he's so determined not to give up.

The struggle is very real - and understandable, considering native English speakers can't always say or spell these correctly:

1. Queue

2. Appreciate it

3. Chaos

4. Comfortable

5. Lieutenant

6. Paradigm

7. Quay

8. Squirrel

9. Worcester

10. Penguin

You can listen to his valiant (and hilarious) attempts below.

Anyway. The next non-native Czech speaker who can pronounce 'čtvrtek', 'jestřáb' and 'řeřicha' perfectly can feel free to cast the first stone.

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