A McDonald's worker got liquid revenge on two mean drive-thru customers

Picture: DynamicDuoTV/Youtube screengrab
Picture: DynamicDuoTV/Youtube screengrab

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, the saying goes, and you certainly shouldn't try to startle it either.

Two dweebs in America came up with a 'hilarious' prank recently. Pulling up to the drive-thru of a McDonalds the pair decided to beep their car horn and frighten the employee at the window as she passed them their order. The car horn they used was modified to sound like an American railway train. The pranksters then readied a camera to record her shocked reaction.

Events played out: They beeped the horn, the employee jumped, they two men laughed... and then the employee threw a coke all over them.

In the clip she can be heard saying:

You're not getting your drink.

Picture: DynamicDuoTV/Youtube

Luckily the camera was there to catch this backfire.

The pair refer to themselves as 'Ripped Robby' and 'Elegant Elliott' and this clip comes from a longer video posted to their YouTube channel Dynamic Duo TV . That's why it has ridiculous dramatic music at the end of the clip. The full video is a compilation of the same prank played out on various customer service employees.

The whole thing really is a hoot to watch.

Kudos to the anonymous McDonald's employee for her calm and succinct response.

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