A school told this student to stop wearing crop tops. Big mistake

Meet Alexi Halket.

On Monday the 18-year-old was sent to the headteacher's office for wearing a crop top where she was told to wear something more appropriate.

But Halket decided it wasn't her outfit that was the problem - it was the way people respond to women's bodies.

Students had a right to dress how they wanted without being blamed for being a distraction or making teachers uncomfortable, she wrote on social media.

In a protest against her school's dress code Halket asked her friends to come in the next day for "Crop Top Day" - and they didn't disappoint.

Scores of students showed up at Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto as a mark of solidarity with Halket.

At lunch time the school's principal sat down with about 200 students for a discussion about dress codes, according to The National Post.

“I’m very proud of them for talking about what they value — critical thinking is important in schools,” principal Rob MacKinnon said.

“It’s about appropriate dress for this setting, not sexualising students or objectifying them, but what’s OK in school.”

Halket and her supporters are not backing down.

At MacKinnon's suggestion that the school was a professional environment, she said:

This is your job, so I understand if you have to be professional, but I have to go to school and I'm going to wear whatever makes me comfortable.

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