Adele cheekily chooses Prince Harry over William in Vogue interview

Adele cheekily chooses Prince Harry over William in Vogue interview

Adele welcomed Vogue into her gorgeous LA home to participate in the magazine’s 73 Questions series and made an interesting choice when posed with the question: Prince Harry or Prince William.

The star was asked quick-fire questions on everything from her songwriting process to what she misses most about the UK.

It’s a very exciting time for the singer-songwriter and her fans as in a little under a month, Adele’s new album, 30, will be released. News of Adele’s new album has been met with much fanfare as it’s the first album from the When We Were Young singer in six years.

Her new song Easy on Me was released last week and instantly became a fan favourite as thousands took to social media to share their reactions. Fans also believe the video for Easy on Me includes nods to past hits, including Hello, Chasing Pavements, and Rolling in the Deep.

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Despite now living in the US, Adele showed she never lost touch with her roots after belting out the Tottenham Hotspur football chant and describing her sartorial choices as a “typical Brit wearing a tracksuit in 90-degree weather”.

During the Vogue interview, the Someone Like You singer was asked lots of questions about Britain, including whether she misses Tesco or Sainsbury’s more.

She was also asked if she would pick Prince Harry or Prince William (she chose Harry), and was hit with the all-important Blur or Oasis question.

When asked about similarities and differences between Britain and LA, she said the tea and coffee culture is the same, but one of the big differences is “funky language” Americans use for certain things, such as how they say cilantro instead of coriander.

As for British stereotypes? A common one that is true is that it rains a lot, and an untrue one is that all Brits have met the Queen.

Looking back at her previous albums, she outlined the key differences between working on 19,21, and 25: “Well 19 I hadn’t long been signed so I only had like four songs so I had to actually really write an album. 21 I couldn’t stop writing it, it was just pouring out of me, I was such a hot mess. And then 25 I just didn’t have time to write really, I just had a newborn baby.”

When speaking of her diaries during the 21 era, she said the words she would use to describe them are: “Drunk, chaotic, stress, very very sad.”

She said: “They [the diaries] are all hidden in a handbag somewhere in my wardrobe room in London and I actually have no idea which one so they could be missing for all I know.”

Looking back, she said the advice she would give her 19-year-old self would be: “Your love life is going to get a lot worse”, before pulling a funny face.

The songstress had a laugh with Vogue as well, playing around with a voice-altering app and showing off her proudest possession — a frame containing Celine Dion’s gum.

So far, the star is loving LA and she is raring to get back to performing live (barefoot, of course).

This isn’t the only viral Vogue interview Adele has given recently. Earlier this month she told British Vogue her thoughts on people discussing her weight loss, as well as dishing out her opinion on former health secretary Matt Hancock’s affair.

Despite celebrating all things British in the 73 Questions video with Vogue, she did cause a storm in a teacup over her methods of making a brew. 

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