AI has imagined what a celebrity concrete eating contest would look like and its bizarre

AI has imagined what a celebrity concrete eating contest would look like and its bizarre
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A hilariously bizarre collection of AI images have gone viral across the internet that show celebrities eating concrete. And yes, we're just as confused as you are.

While artificial intelligence does have its benefits and demonstrates the rapid rate of tech evolution, others are simply using it to pass the time, as seen in this disturbing AI-generated montage of Will Smith eating pasta.

One creator has taken it one step further by curating a hypothetical annual celebrity concrete contest using the AI programme Midjourney.

The realistic images show the likes of Kanye West, Elon Musk, Ariana Grande, Donald Trump and the Pope chowing down into the material.

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One eagle-eyed fan wrote: "The bot always has some slight deviations in celebrities but it ALWAYS gets Trump and the Pope right lol. Maybe because they've been photographed so much more than others."

Another joked: "They're each eating the concrete in exactly the manner I'd imagine."

A third noted how far some of the aI programmes have come, writing: "These image AI generators have gotten astronomically better than they were a couple months ago because dang."

The original poster later highlighted: "The only consistent problem now is the size of the hands. You do still occasionally get the extra or missing finger."

And he was correct, as cybersecurity expert and host of What the Hack, Adam Levin told Indy100.

AI-generated content tends to be notoriously bad at editing hands. He advised people to look out for extra fingers or strange features in that area to avoid being deceived into believing it's genuine.

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