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8 mind-blowing AI resources that'll make your life easier

8 mind-blowing AI resources that'll make your life easier
HR managers using artificial intelligence for hiring and firing

It seems every day there is a new artificial intelligence technology aimed at making humans’ lives easier.

With the recent surge of chatbots becoming popular, like ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing AI, it can be overwhelming to decide which AI to use, and how to use it.

But besides chatbots, and AI assistants like Siri and Alexa, there are also hundreds of others systems available for use at any moment. Some of which, specalise in a specific task.

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Here are eight examples of AI that can make your life easier.


The popular chatbot, developed by OpenAI, can answer almost any question. From asking ChatGPT to create a grocery list to make a specific dinner or for information on a recent event, it can process massive amounts of information and deliver them in an easy-to-understand way.

This AI system can transcribe video and audio meetings through multiple platforms like Google Meet, Teams, RingCentral, and more.

Rather than take notes during a meeting, can do it for you and allow multiple collaborators to make sharing information easier.


A common browser extension for students and people who write every day, Grammarly is a personalised writing assistant that helps correct, grammar, spelling, and syntax mistakes. The system goes beyond correcting simple spelling errors and can suggest changes to make sentences more appealing to read.


Cleo is an AI-powered budgeting app that aggregates, tracks, and recommends budgets based on your goals and needs. Rather than check your bank account for funds, you can ask Cleo “can I afford this shirt” and it will tell you.

It also sends push notifications to motivate you to save money and notifies you when you can make financially smart changes.


This handy software can be used to help young people with their homework.

They just snap a photo of whatever they need assistance with, like a math equation, or verbally ask a question like “when was World War I” and the system generates answers.


Although there is currently a waitlist to try Milo, this AI is a busy parent's dream.

The software allows parents to upload screenshots, text streams of dates, voice memos, or whatever they need to remember whether it be a note or date. Milo organises it and sends push notifications to remind parents of an upcoming date or note.


Have a photo with a bunch of stuff in the background that you want to get rid of? You can use to erase whatever it is that is bothering you in a picture.

All you have to do is drag a photo into, highlight the objects you want removed, then it automatically removes them seamlessly.

Edison Assistant

Edison Assistant is an AI virtual assistant, specifically geared toward organising and dissecting emails. It can track packages, identify emails that require a response, set up your calendar, and help keep track of appointments.

It can save you time by unsubscribing from all "junk" emails with one tap too.

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