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If you've ever stayed in an AirBnB you'll know that the app comes with the good and the bad.

For all of the amazing places that are available to stay in, there are the cheap and cheerful but what you can always guarantee is that the owners of the property will let you go about your business without interfering.

Unfortunately for one man, who booked an apartment in New York City, that wasn't meant to be, thanks to the owners' obsession with cleanliness.

Posting on Reddit a 26-year-old man named Jack was bizarrely asked to shower each night before going to bed in order to keep the bedsheets clean.

Jack didn't get this memo until after he had fallen asleep in the bed leading to the owner sliding a passive-aggressive note under the bedroom door.

Jack also shared a picture of the letter, just to prove how strange the whole thing was.

As you can imagine, many people thought the AirBnB host was out of order and that he was within his rights to complain.

Tipsywinosaur wrote:

Eww, assuming you didn’t reek of something awful. This is a huge no go for AirBnb. You’d be well within your rights to say something to the company about the host making you feel uncomfortable.

hayclonwade added:

This is so unbelievably out of line. Like you said, if she doesn't want the funk of others, she should either not rent out her room or have alternate sheets. I mean, what if a couple is in there hooking up? Is she going to dictate terms on that? She seems to want the income from hosting but at zero cost to her.

gnowZ474 thought they knew exactly what the host was trying to say:

What they really wanted to say is 'Even though we charge you a cleaning fee, please be considerate and don't stink up the sheets because we don't want to spend money washing the sheets for the next person staying in this room. I'm sure you didn't find strange odour from the sheets last night. That's because the person who slept in those sheets before you followed the Airbnb etiquette.'

Oridinaryhorse said:

Was your host not planning on washing the bedding between guests?

It should be noted that when reviewing the room Jack did later comment that the 'minor disagreement' from March 2016 was easily resolved. Alls well that ends well.

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