Alan Davies says he poured a bottle of urine through Conservative Party's letterbox

Antiques Roadshow expert discovers he drank 180-year-old urine after mistaking it for ...

Alan Davies has admitted to giving the Conservatives a piece of his mind and bladder by pouring urine through the letterbox of one of their offices.

Speaking during an episode of Unforgivable, a Dave show in which celebrities share their scandalous stories, the comedian revealed his dirty protest to the other members of the panel.

He said: "I once wilfully and deliberately vandalised the Conservative party headquarters.

"I must say, not the main office, it was the Loughton branch in Essex, which they had recently renamed Thatcher House.

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"They had empty milk bottles on the doorstep at Thatcher House and I weed in one and poured it through the letterbox and drove away at high speed".

The audience then gave him a round of applause but we doubt Tories watching at home would have been as thrilled to learn about the mess he made.

Meanwhile, urinating in public can land those who are caught a fine of up to £80, making Davies' wee pretty opulent indeed.


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