Amber Heard is reportedly gearing up for a ‘tell all’ book following Johnny Depp trial

Amber Heard is reportedly gearing up for a ‘tell all’ book following Johnny Depp trial
Amber Heard thinks key piece of evidence could have changed defamation trial ...

Amber Heard is reportedly in talks to gear up for a "tell-all" book following Johnny Depp's defamation lawsuit, as she has "nothing to lose," a report stated.

According to OK! Magazine, the actress is reportedly ready to spill in what the outlet described as a "revenge" book after not prevailing in the wildly-publicized trial.

A source referred to as an "insider" told the outlet that Heard considers her Hollywood career to be over.

"At this point, she has nothing to lose and wants to tell all," a source who is referred to as an "insider," told the outlet.

However, Dror Bikel, an attorney, and author of The 1% Divorce, When Titans Clash, told OK! that the Aquaman actress may face some potential lawsuits the book can spark.

"To the extent that Heard wants to discuss this case and her relationship with Depp in a tell-all statement or book, she needs to be extremely careful as to what she says about him," Bikel said.

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He also said that The Pirates of The Caribbean actor and his attorneys would be "reading and listening" to everything Heard notes, and she will likely face another defamation suit if she "crosses a line."

Representatives for Heard told Indy100 that they don't have a comment to share on the matter.

Although there are reports of the tell-all, the actress said that she was "scared" that Depp might sue her again in a Dateline interview.

"I'm scared that no matter what I do, no matter what I say, or how I say it — every step that I take will present another opportunity for this sort of — silencing, which is what, I guess, a defamation lawsuit is meant to do," she told NBC's Savannah Guthrie.

Depp sued Heard following her 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which she said she was a victim of abuse.

She didn't directly name Depp in the story. Now it has an editor's note following her courtroom defeat.

And after the six-week trial came to a close, the jury ruled in favour of Depp, awarding him $10.35m in damages despite questions about whether the actress would be able to pay the amount if the decision withstands an appeal.

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