This is what will happen if Amber Heard can't pay $10m defamation judgement

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard react to defamation suit ruling

A jury has determined that Amber Heard defamed Johnny Depp after 12 hours of deliberation and awarded Depp $10 million in damages, but what happens if Heard cannot complete that payment?

Although both actors are likely well-off financially due to their roles in big movies, many wondered what Heard's net worth is and if she is able to pay the $10 million the jury awarded Depp, 58.

Heard, 36, has had roles in movies and TV shows like Aquaman , The Stand , Pineapple Express , and more, but after her divorce and legal fees, it's unclear how financially fit she may be to pay the damages.

The jury initially awarded Depp $15 million with $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, however, Virginia caps punitive damages at $350,000.

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In her divorce settlement with Depp, she received $7 million but pledged to donate to charities, however, this has not been fulfilled in its entirety yet due to the trial.

Heard also insinuated on the stand that her career had been damaged and put on hold due to the defamation trial.

If the actress cannot pay the $10 million she can either appeal the judgment, her wages could be seized, she could file for bankruptcy, or Depp could decide to waive the judgment according to CBS News.

If Heard appeals in the hopes of getting a better judgment she would first have to post a bond for the full $10.35 million.

If Heard does not have enough money to pay the damages, she could end up with her wages 'garnished' or seized. Similarly, she could file for bankruptcy which could get rid of the $10 million she owes but she likely would still be responsible for the $350,000 in punitive damages.

The last option could be Depp choosing to waive the judgment meaning Heard would not have to execute the financial damages.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Depp wrote his main goal in pursuing the legal case "was to reveal the truth" so it is unclear if Depp will want or make Heard award him the $10.35 million in damages.

Meanwhile, Heard also did not address the financial implications of the case, rather taking to Twitter to express her "disappointment".

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