Amber Heard defended after Depp fans mock her for shopping at TJ Maxx

Amber Heard defended after Depp fans mock her for shopping at TJ Maxx
Amber Heard thinks key piece of evidence could have changed defamation trial ...
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Amber Heard was spotted shopping the rails of TJ Maxx after losing the multi-million defamation case against Johnny Depp. And while some have suggested it's a PR stunt, others have jumped to the defence of everyday people who shop at the department store.

Meanwhile, some social media users are, quite frankly, over it all.

In footage obtained by TMZ, the Aquaman actress can be seen shopping t-shirts and shoes in the Bridgehampton, New York store on Thursday afternoon. Heard was accompanied by her sister Whitney Henriquez, who testified in the high-profile trial.

Some users have quizzed whether the clip was set up, with one social media user writing: "The odds that she staged this is very, very high. Put your thinking cap on."

Another accused Heard's PR team of being in "full overtime mode," saying: "Got her shopping at TJ Maxx?! Just pay that man his $8.3M and move on."

A third penned: "TJ Maxx is my favorite store so I’m never going to talk sh*t about it but if you think for one second that TMZ was just sitting in a TJ Maxx waiting to spot celebrities shopping there and JUST SO HAPPENED to spot #AmberHeard, I have a bridge to sell you."

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The clip soon surfaced on Reddit, where people were more offended by the mockery of TJ Maxx.

One user questioned: "Everything about the case aside, why would we discourage buying at an outlet? It's much better than buying from a designer that would rather burn extras than a poor person wearing it."



"Listen, we love that place, it’s like a treasure hunt," a second shared, "It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It’s fun."

Another Redditor reiterated: "Why are people being so rude about this? Even if she's awful, TJ Maxx is a fun place to shop, regardless of how much money you have."



Meanwhile, another joked: "I also went to buy shorts yesterday; where's my article?!"

Following the trial's verdict, Heard sat down with Savannah Guthrie for an interview on NBC's Dateline.

"I don't blame [the jury]," she started, "I actually understand. He's a beloved character and people feel they know him. He's a fantastic actor."

"What I learned in that trial is that it's never going to be good enough," she stated, adding: "If you have proof, it was a scheme or a hoax. If you don't have proof, it didn't happen. If you have a bruise, it's fake. If you don't have a bruise, then the violence, clearly, didn't hurt you."

A spokesperson for Heard said: "If Mr. Depp or his team have a problem with this, we recommend that Johnny himself sit down with Savannah Gutherie for an hour and answer all her questions."

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