Russian doctor filmed playing piano as police raid her home after she criticised the government

When police raided the home of Russian doctor Anastasia Vasilyeva, they were met with something unexpected: the sound of Beethoven.

Authorities entered the young doctor’s Moscow house and attempted to get her to sign some papers, but she persisted with her piano playing, drowning out the orders from officers, until the very last note.

Once she stops playing, she asks if anyone will applaud her to no response.

The raid was reportedly part of a round-up of allies of Alexei Navalny, a high-profile critic of Vladmir Putin who recently returned home from Germany after a suspected assassination attempt.

Vasilyeva was also detained for 48 hours for allegedly violating coronavirus restrictions after protesting in support of Navalny.

Supporters of Navalny took to the streets last weekend to protest his arrest which happened immediately upon his return to Russia.

Vasilyeva is another outspoken critic of the Russian government. As head of the Alliance of Doctors trade union, she accused Putin of lying about the coronavirus and spoke out for doctors who weren’t being provided with correct PPE.

People also showed their support for Vasilyeva after the video of her impromptu piano recital went viral.

Truly the most classy way to resist.

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