4 things we learnt from Andrew Tate's interview with Tucker Carlson

4 things we learnt from Andrew Tate's interview with Tucker Carlson
Andrew Tate discusses social media ban with Fox's Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson sat down with Andrew Tate on Tucker Carlson Today for Fox Nation to discuss he recent ban from social media.

Tate, who rose to fame earlier this year for having 'hot takes' about masculinity and women, was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for spreading misogynistic messages.

Several anti-domestic violence organizations and people had called for Tate's content to be removed and the former professional kickboxer to be banned.

Many cited his influence on young men and boys to be a major problem.

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But in his interview with Carlson, Tate said he believes his ban was unfair and clarified rumors about himself.

Here's everything he said.

Tate believes he was unfairly banned

If there's one thing Tate re-iterated, it was that he believes the social media ban was unnecessary.

"They banned me simply because I had large swaths of the population agreeing to very traditional masculine values," Tate told Carlson on Thursday.

He says this is the 'first time' anyone has experienced a ban of this level.

As he's previously said, Tate claims viral videos of him speaking negatively about women are cherrypicked therefore unfairly represent him as misogynistic.

"What happens is when people say these things they ignore 95% of what I say, they ignore me saying you need to avoid low quality men and they take the bit where I say avoid women who are dishonest and then they put it on a Reel, a very short 3-4 second clip and then they say I'm a misogynistic person," he explained.

He believes the real reason he was banned was because people were threatened by his fast cars, big house, wealth, and beautiful girlfriend.

Tate says he's a 'champion' for men's 'issues'

The 35-year-old explained that his platform was to help men overcome issues they face by society, especially pertaining to social media.

"I think being a man is very, very difficult," Tate explained. "Men's issues are largely overlooked."

The biggest issue for men according to Tate? The social pressure.

Tate says the only men who have followers on social media are men with "massive social status" like rappers, people who own Ferraris, or other "interesting people".

"If you're a normal man with a normal job, you don't really exist in the online world it is very difficult to get followers, nobody replies to your DMs, you don't really matter, you don't have access to the sexual marketplace," Tate explained.

Tate says this can lead men to feel lonely and depressed and his content was meant to uplift other men and give them someone to look up to.

He accuses the major social media platforms who banned him of 'not caring for the young men of the world'.

Tate denies any participation in human trafficking

One rumor that has swirled around since Tate's following grew is an incident of alleged human trafficking.

Tate says that he got "SWATed" and explained this is when someone calls the SWAT team seemingly to get him trouble without knowledge of what is actually happening

"They turned up, they investigated it, they realized nobody was in the house against their will, there was no crime committed," he said.

He clarified he was never arrested, although did have to fill out paperwork at the police station, and there was no human trafficking or women held at their will.

Tate believes Covid rules were an overreaction

The former kickboxer also found himself in hot water when downplaying the severity of Covid.

But he told Carlson he has first-hand experience understanding the virus because when restrictions first began in 2020 he and his brother went to Stockholm, Sweden where there were no mandates.

"We're two young fighting age males, if Covid can kill us then the world is over," Tate said. "It's zombie apocalypse now. So, there's no point in hiding we may as well go out with a bang."

He said they continued to go out to night clubs and proceed with life normally in Stockholm which made him believe the restrictions and mandates were an overreaction.

Carlson provided a brief sneak-peak into his interview with Tate on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The full interview can be seen on Tucker Carlson Today for people who have a subscription to Fox Nation

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