Andrew Tate takes part on TV travel show before becoming famous

Andrew Tate has finally been banned from social media, including platforms Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. His affiliate program for Hustlers University has also been stopped.

The former kickboxer's misogynistic views have understandably been met with anger and backlash – but worryingly, Tate has garnered fans across the world. His toxic influence has even poured into primary schools, with one teacher saying they had seen 11-year-old Tate fans telling female classmates they're "fat" and "use men for money."

Tate's social media presence started its descent last week when Meta banished the so-called internet personality from its platforms. TikTok and YouTube followed suit on Monday (August 22).

Now, conversations have turned to whether YouTuber, Daz Games, had any influence over the decision.

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In a viral clip watched by millions titled 'Daz Watches Andrew Tate', Daz delivered his candid take on the former Big Brother contestant.

He shared footage of Tate's abusive relationships. While one was claimed to be consensual, according to Tate, Daz said: "He gets off on hurting women, making them feel vulnerable, dominating them, and letting them in their place – and that's really what's led Andrew to the top of the internet, where he's been searched more than Taylor Swift."

Daz also said he had spoken with women who alleged they had been subject to Tate's "abuse, violence, sexual violence [and] assault". He was unable to share their calls due to fear of repercussion.

Daz also pinpointed those who agree with some of his points, saying: "Oh, okay! Wipe the slate clean, let's just forget about it all because he said a few good things.

"You know who else did that? Hitler! Hitler gave great advice to people in his lifetime - he killed millions of people though."

He added: "You have to weigh up a person. Even the most corrupt, evil people have a good side. But when you weigh it up, you have to judge a person by their actions and dig a little deeper."

The people of Twitter were quick to praise Daz for his video and urged others to watch it.


One Twitter user said: "Just finished watching the new video that Daz Games did about Andrew Tate and all I have to say is that I have so much respect for Daz. He knows what he is saying and he is such a good person.Thank you Daz."

Another added: "Literally seconds into YouTuber Daz Games video into Tate and honestly how the f*ck can anyone look at him and think ‘yeah, he’s my role model.'"

Many more believed Daz's video prompted social media to act.

Some angry Tate fans hit back at the YouTuber, mocking his weight and asking him: "What colour is your Bugatti, Daz?" – a phrase often used by Tate stans.

Indy100 has reached out to Meta and TikTok for comment.

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