Andy Burnham asked what his favourite biscuit is, says beer, chips and gravy as his answer

Andy Burnham asked what his favourite biscuit is, says beer, chips and gravy as his answer

In the UK we find the presence of Donald Trump at the top of the Republican presidential polls somewhat reassuring - confirmation that US politics is 'out there'.

But try explaining this to your American friends; political careers in the UK can rise and fall on the strength of the answer to the question: what is your favourite biscuit?

In 2009 prime minister Gordon Brown's judgment was genuinely questioned when he was initially unable to answer the question on Mumsnet, although he later clarified that it was "anything with a bit of chocolate". This led to the bizarre spectacle of David Cameron and Nick Clegg rushing to confirm what their favourite biscuits were, to appear decisive (oatcakes with butter and cheese, and rich tea if dunked, respectively, if you're interested).

Labour leadership (un)hopeful Andy Burnham was the latest politician to run the gauntlet of the Mumsnet webchat, where he answered questions on Labour's election defeat, his eyelashes and the future of the NHS.

Such is the hallowed nature of the biscuit tradition, that the former health secretary answered the question without even being asked it.

He replied:

Thanks for all your questions. Sorry I didn't get to answer them all. I'm told that I have to tell you what my favourite biscuit is. But I'm afraid I'm going to depress you all by saying that I don't have a sweet tooth and don't eat biscuits. But give me a beer and chips and gravy any day...


This is the same Andy Burnham who recently told us he was "very disillusioned" with modern politics.

And we wonder why Jeremy Corbyn is racing ahead in the leadership election.

(Chips picture via Abi Skipp)

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