What was in Andy Cohen's gross 'mystery shots' after CNN 'banned' alcohol?

What was in Andy Cohen's gross 'mystery shots' after CNN 'banned' alcohol?
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When Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper began taking alcoholic shots last year for their New Year's Eve broadcast everyone knew it wouldn't end well - and it didn't.

After an aggressive rant about former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, CNN seemingly asked the two television hosts to scale-back drinking alcohol on New Year's Eve.

"We can't drink," Cohen said exasperatedly at the top of the show at 8 pm. "But it's fine, it's fine, it's totally cool."

So instead of tequila shots, Cohen, 54, and Cooper, 55, took shots of "mystery liquids" throughout the night.

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Pickle juice, buttermilk, apple cider vinegar, and spicy blood mary mix were the shots of choice for the duo who reacted with disgust each time they consumed a shot.

Luckily the two had juice boxes to chase the strange liquids.

See Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen's reaction to disgusting mystery shotswww.youtube.com

After taking the shot of the apple cider vinegar Cohen shouted, "I need a shot of tequila" and threw his juice box on the ground- temper tantrum style.

After composing himself, Cohen said it was "fine" and apologized to viewers.

The duo's New Year's Eve drinking has turned into an annual tradition where Cooper and Cohen get progressively more intoxicated every hour by taking shots of alcohol.

Their shenanigans have become a beloved event for people to watch as Cooper gets giggly and Cohen goes on passionate rants.

But in keeping with a more professional broadcast, the network has seemingly taken a different direction from here on out.

Ryan Seacrest, who hosts Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on ABC, told Entertainment Weeklythat he doesn't "advocate drinking when one is on the air."

"I don't know how that started as a tradition, but it's probably a good idea [to scale back], CNN," Seacrest added.

While CNN is likely benefitting from potential liabilities, Cohen is now suffering through the broadcast sober.

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