German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a panel in Berlin on Tuesday 25 April.

The Chancellor was a research scientist with a doctorate in physical chemistry before her time in politics, where she progressed to the office of Chancellor following the election in 2005, a position she has held ever since.

During the panel this week, she was asked whether she thought of herself as a feminist.

The crowd grew noisy as she pondered over her response.

After she hesitated, she replied:

I am not afraid of it [the label].

If you think that I am one - please, vote on it.

But I don't want to adorn myself with these feathers.

She continued:

To be honest the history of feminism is one with which I have common ground but also differences, and I don’t want to embellish myself with a title I don’t have.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands said:

I just want that all women have freedom of choice and opportunities, that they can grab and be happy and proud of themselves.

To which Merkel responded:

If that is a feminist, I am a feminist.

Whether you think she's asking to be judged on her record rather than her words, or whether she's shying away from a label, it's an interesting answer in the political climate.

HT dwnews

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