People are losing it over resurfaced Aretha Franklin interview 'shading' Taylor Swift

FBI spent 40 years watching Aretha Franklin!

Bombastic side eye.

TikTokers are revelling in a resurfaced interview where Aretha Franklin was asked to comment on other female singers and had an interesting answer for Taylor Swift.

In 2014, Franklin was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal where senior editor Christopher John Farley asked the legendary singer for her one-word impressions or reactions of some notable “divas.”

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“When I say the name Adele what comes to mind?” Farley asked.

Franklin, who was 72 at the time, responded, “young singer, good singer.”

He then asked about Alicia Keys who Franklin called a “young performer, good writer” and “producer.”

But then Farley wanted to know Franklin’s thoughts on Swift - who, at the time, was only 25 and had just released her fifth album 1989.

Pausing for a moment, Franklin said, “Great gowns, beautiful gowns.”

It seems the 'Respect' singer may have drawn a blank when thinking of Swift, or perhaps she really did believe her gowns were incredible. Either way, Franklin likely did not mean her comment negatively.


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However, people on TikTok are convinced Franklin was shading Swift.

“It’s a shame Aretha died before she got to see Taylor’s gown for Enchanted on the Era’s Tour,” a commenter wrote.

Another asked, “Why was she so shady??”

“And to this day I use ‘beautiful gowns’ to describe things that are pretty with no substance,” a person commented.

Some people came to Swift’s defense saying Franklin insulted the 'Midnights' singer because she is a talented songwriter.

“Taylor is a great writer and producer. She writes all her songs,” a person wrote.

Another person echoed similar notions, “Taylor Swift is a good songwriter.”

Whether or not Franklin was being purposefully shady is up for debate.

However, later on, when Farley asked Franklin about her thoughts on Nicki Minaj, Franklin was definitely being shady.

“I’m going to pass on that one,” Franklin said.

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