Americans are mocking British food and some of their opinions are truly bizarre
Screengrab: YouTube

Politicians from Britain and America love gushing over how close the two nations are. In fact, it's often described as a “special relationship”.

Yet there are ways that the two countries differ: diaper and nappy, faucet and tap, chips or crisps… you get the idea.

But there’s another big difference: food.

Although American and British cuisines aren’t worlds apart, there are certain things Americans eat that just never caught on across the Atlantic. And vice versa.

Americans on Twitter seem to have a lot of opinions about British food, and about all the American delights we supposedly don’t eat in the UK.

It all started with a tweet about watching the Great British Bake Off.

Americans began sharing their thoughts on British food, followed by things they take for granted that we (apparently) don’t have.

And the finest of this genre has to be the idea that British people don't eat salad...

But then people pointed out that actually British people do eat a lot of these things.

Oh, and there's a good reason why some things didn't take off in the UK...

The culinary culture war continues...

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