Banana videos got too sexy in China so the government banned them

Banana videos got too sexy in China so the government banned them

Are you turned on by bananas? Do you get excited when you see someone eating one?

Bananas are not penises. And yet there are memes, videos, endless reels of photos of women looking suggestive while nibbling on a long, curved yellow banana that suggest otherwise.

Whatever your thoughts on people being sultry with bananas may be, however, they're probably less repressive than those of the Chinese government.

State-run streaming services have now been banned from showing 'erotic' banana eating in China. The New Daily Express reports that sites must monitor the videos running online to ensure that "promiscuous behaviour" is reined in.

It's not just bananas that are now off limits - clothing such as stockings and suspenders are also deemed inappropriate, and won't be tolerated.

China's state run CCTV reports that the authorities are implementing the new rule in a bid to prevent "inappropriate and erotic" online content.

Last month, the Ministry of Culture announced that it was investigating various streaming platforms, believing that some had hosted pornographic or violent content.

In China, live streaming is proving abundantly popular. Webcam sessions are a concern, due to the age of participants and viewers, and the provocative nature of some of the content.

The move has been met with a huge reaction in China. Some fail to see how sites will police banana eating - or any other strange pursuits with fruit, for that matter.

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