Obama's portrait has sparked an incredible Photoshop battle

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Barack and MichelleObama's official portrait has been unveiled at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, and obviously the internet had plenty to say about it.

The former President's was created by acclaimed artist Kehinde Wiley, while Amy Sherald was commissioned for the portrait of the former First Lady.

On the unveiling of the portrait, earlier this week on 12 February, the former President said:

How about that? Pretty sharp!

He said he was drawn to the work of Wiley, known for his colourful style, because:

He would take extraordinary care and precision and vision in recognising the beauty, grace and dignity of people who are so often invisible in our lives.

Wiley said:

Big museums like this are dedicated to what we as a society hold most dear.

Growing up as a kid in South Central Los Angeles, there weren’t too many people who looked like me on those walls.

The flowers in the portrait are symbolic – African blue lilies represent Kenya, the birthplace of his father, while his birthplace of Hawaii is represented by jasmine. Chicago, the city he first represented politically and where he met Michelle, is represented by chrysanthemums.

Reddit also appreciated the portrait for very different reasons – it spawned a classic reddit photoshop battle.

Here's the original, for comparison:

And, well, here's what the internet did with it:

1. Bunny ears.

2. Inversion.

3. Both the Obamas.

4. Sean Spicer cameo hiding in the bushes.

5. Barack Obama ft. Homer Simpson.

6. The solo Homer Simpson.

7. The day after the portrait sitting.

8. Keanu-fied.

9. Chris Christie-fied.

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