Photo of Obamas planting a tree inspires a glorious Photoshop battle


On 21 April 2009, newly-inaugurated President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama participated in planting a tree at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington.

The image taken at the event, showing Barack in a pristine white shirt, apparently shirking work, turned a few heads at the time.

It's recently been made the prime target of a Photoshop Battle on reddit, and, well, people went to town:

- wertrew1

- s123man

- thephotoshopkid

- 2Thebreezes

- artunitinc

- mickeybloom

- metrodrone

- DrW***alot

- --Drew

- David_Evergreen

- blackwhattack

- hanky1979

- GenuinePorkChops

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