OnlyFans star Bella Thorne reveals 'inappropriate' fan photo she refused to autograph

OnlyFans star Bella Thorne reveals 'inappropriate' fan photo she refused to autograph
Bella Thorne refuses to sign naked pictures of herself

Actress Bella Thorne will sign your picture - unless she deems it inappropriate. When a fan begged the OnlyFans star to autograph underage photos of herself, Thorne refused to sign the snaps.

Thorne told the Hollywood Reporter about the unsettling fan encounter at the Sundance Film Festival. While signing autographs for fans on the street, one man took it too far and asked Thorne to sign a revealing magazine cover.

Thorne said: “He was shoving photos in front of me and I looked away for a second and looked back and there was a photo of me from my GQ magazine cover. It’s super sexy and my butt is out and I’m wearing lingerie and I’m topless. I said I wouldn’t sign that and he took it away and then put it back in front of me again. I said, ‘No, I’m not signing that.’”

The fan then pulled out a photo from a Candie's campaign Thorne participated in when she was 16. Thorne once again put her foot down and continued to refuse her signature.

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Thorne said: “There was some stuff there from a Candie's campaign that I did when I was 16 and it was clear that he wanted me to sign things that were viewed as sexy and even underage and I was like, ‘Give me something else.’”

“He said, “Aren’t they all sexy?” No, enough is enough,” Thorne added. “But I get it, they have to make money and everyone has a job so I get that. It was just that I was under 18 and it’s inappropriate.”

Thorne made headlines in 2020 when she joined OnlyFans and made $1 million within the first 24 hours of signing up and $2 million by the end of the first week.

Despite her social media career, Thorne still acts and will star in Eddie Alcazar’s Divinity, a sci-fi thriller that premiered at Sundance last month.

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