Beyonce bought 110 burgers in in huge Nando's spending spree in Scotland

Beyonce bought 110 burgers in in huge Nando's spending spree in Scotland
Beyonce and Jay-Z paid for their 200m mansion in cash

It turns out Beyoncé is a big fan of Nando's. So much so, she splashed out almost £2,000 ($2,480) on a single order.

The superstar treated her entourage before taking to the stage at Murrayfield Stadium in Scotland with a wide range of options including 50 sunset burgers, 30 fino pittas, 30 butterfly burgers, 60 chicken pittas, 20 beanie burgers and 10 chicken wings. She also ensured there were vegetarian options.

While celebrities tend to go incognito when placing orders, Beyoncé used her real name.

The news soon spread to Twitter, with one writing: "Beyoncé ordering £1.8k of chicken from Fountain Park Nando's is killing me."

Another joked: "Beyoncé having a cheeky 2 grands worth of Nando's."

Meanwhile, a third added: "Beyoncé and I. having the same Nando's order is the boost of confidence I needed today."

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Beyoncé's Edinburgh show went down a treat with fans after she thanked the audience for their energy.

"I hope tonight you guys are feeling joy and love! I hope y’all feel safe tonight! I hope y’all feel free and liberated," she said. "Thank y’all so much for being such an incredible audience in this rain! I love y’all!"

It comes after TikTokers were convinced the 41-year-old "threw shade" at Sweden.

"How could you witness the QUEEN in person and not at minimum do a lil 2 step in your seat," one person hit back at footage that showed many concertgoers sitting down.

Another added: "Sweden failed her so bad! Some of us were TRYING!"

Meanwhile, many others were quick to highlight that it was simply a case of "cultural differences in concert etiquette."

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