‘Big Foot’ says he ‘misses conspiracy theorists’ who have moved to QAnon in hilarious Jimmy Kimmel sketch
Photo courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel had a lot to say about conspiracy theorists – particularly the fact that many no longer believes in UFOs, because they believe it’s all part of an attempt to discredit former President Donald Trump's (baseless) claims of voter fraud.

"The QAnon crowd is not buying it. The Q-a-nuts have a theory that all this talk of UFOs is a deep state conspiracy to distract us from voter fraud and the truth about the 'scamdemic,'" Kimmel said.

Kimmel continued with his monologue until a loud voice in the background shouts: "Wait, let me speak!"

The crowd then erupts into laughter as a bearded Sasquatch named Ken comes onto the stage. Ken wants to know why the conspiracy theory crowd no longer believe in him and other theories they once believed in.

After introducing himself to Kimmel, melancholic music begins playing and Ken turns to the camera to say: "Hi QAnon, it's me, Ken, Bigfoot – whatever, they're not really that big,...”

He continues: "For many years, you people have been searching for me, and I felt like it was finally time to reveal myself because, well honestly—I miss you.

“Remember when you used to stay up at night, burning the midnight meth, scouring logging maps trying to find me, or listening to homemade scanners desperately hoping to pick up signs of unexplained life?”

He goes on: “Now we have credible explanations of unexplained objects flying around the sky and suddenly you’re not interested any more?

“What happened to us? Where are my crazy people at?”

Ken then further pleads to the conspiracy theorists, adding: "You used to believe everything you overheard at a fireworks stand."

The sketch appeared to go down a treat with the audience.

Kimmel also spoke about Trump's text messages. The messages apparently ask people to join Trump's website, From the Desk of Donald Trump.

If there is no response after some time, the text message allegedly says that: "Trump will assume you've sided w/ the dems."

"Even his Robo-texts are insecure," said Kimmel about Trump's texts trying to convince people to register.

Check out the Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue below.

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