Trump puts out a cringeworthy statement after report about visitors to his website plummeting
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Since he was banned from social media earlier this year, Donald Trump has been attempting to find new ways to communicate with his fans but nobody appears to be that interested.

Earlier this month, the former president launched his new glorified blog ‘From the Desk of Donald Trump’ which is basically a Twitter account where Trump can rant and ramble as much as he wants.

However, unlike his Twitter, which would get thousands of interactions even for the most inane stuff, people are reportedly just not that interested in what he has to say on there.

According to a report from the Washington Post, social engagement surrounding Trump has plummeted to 95 per cent since January. The Post adds that, although his website received 4 million hits from the week ending May 18th, around 60 per cent of that traffic came from right-wing websites like Newsmax and the Gateway Pundit, so he hardly has a massive pull.

In typical Trump fashion, he decided to scoff at this report and yep, you guessed right, call it ‘fake news.’ In a lengthy statement that he posted on the blog on Monday afternoon, Trump attacked the Post for their ‘incorrect report’ and branded Facebook and Twitter “nasty and boring.” He also claims that his “basic site” has had more than 36.7 million views within the last month.

Who would have thought that less than six months after leaving the White House, Trump would be whinging about the number of hits his website was receiving?

Never change, Donald. Never change.

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