Bill Gates makes conspiracy theory joke after Microsoft axes Internet Explorer

Bill Gates makes conspiracy theory joke after Microsoft axes Internet Explorer
Bill Gates on 'Weirdly interesting falsehoods' conspiracy theories

Bill Gates has made a joke about the ridiculous conspiracy theory which claims he has been putting microchips in the Covid-19 vaccine in order to track people digitally.

It’s been circulated widely over the past two years and is obviously completely crackers.

Thankfully, though, Gates is taking it in good humour.

The Microsoft co-founder took to Twitter after the news broke about the company shutting down Internet Explorer after 27 years.

He was replying to a post from The Daily Show which said: "Wow, Bill Gates encourages everyone to get vaccinated, then a year later Internet Explorer dies. Coincidence???".

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Gates jokingly replied that the internet browser "ran out of microchips" vaccinating everyone.

Various conspiracy theories involving Gates and Covid-19 vaccines have baffled many people in recent times – including Gates himself.

Gates said he can’t understand why some theorists think he wants to inject people with microchips during an interview with Twitter earlier this year.

“[I] have been subject to a lot of misinformation,” the multibillionaire said. “I didn’t expect that. Some of it, like me putting chips in arms, doesn’t make sense to me – why would I want to do that?”

Meanwhile, it’s the end of an era, as Microsoft announced the news that Internet Explorer is shutting down after nearly 27 years.

Microsoft confirmed Internet Explorer would longer be supported on their platform. Instead, they would be focusing on Microsoft Edge which is described as "a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer... able to address a key concern: compatibility for older, legacy websites and applications".

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