Bill Murray wandered into the White House briefing room and started talking

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Bill Murray has a glorious habit of turning up in random situations and making everything a million times better.

On Friday the hallowed podium in the West Wing of the White House, usually the spot for the press secretary or the POTUS, suddenly was the subject of a celebrity takeover.

Murray wandered in at the end of a press briefing by press secretary Josh Earnest and gave his predictions about baseball, much to the amusement of the reporters in the room.


According to NBC, Murray was visiting Washington D.C to accept the Mark Twain Award for American Humor and chose to president Obama.

Murray was sporting a Chicago Cubs fleece, prompting one reporter to ask him:

Mr President do you think the Cubs will win?

Murray confidently answered in the affirmative, in the style of a politician.

See the full clip here:

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