Billie Eilish left baffled by British words during Jordan North interview: "You guys are not real"

Billie Eilish left baffled by British words during Jordan North interview: "You guys are not real"
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Billie Eilish was hilariously baffled by British insults and slang put to her by Jordan North in an interview.

North, from Burnley, was speaking to Eilish as part of an interview for Capital FM about the release of her third studio album Hit Me Hard and Soft where she had a 'very London lunch'.

As well as speaking about the album, how it's gone so far and what's to come, North posed some British slang, insults and words to Eilish to see what she made of them.

Eilish doesn't have a clue what's being said with some of them.

A video posted online starts with Eilish asking North what some British insults are.

North responded with the word "gobs***e", meaning a stupid or incompetent person, and said it's his favourite swear word.

A look of pure bewilderment then crossed Eilish's face as she seemingly has no idea what North has just said.

Eilish nervously laughed before making sure she understood what was said.

"So if someone said oh, he's a complete and utter gobs***e... They talk rubbish," North explained.

North then asked Eilish for her favourite kind of lunch, to which she responds sandwiches.

He said that's his as well, before adding "we call it a butty".

This really stumped Eilish as she struggled to understand the meaning of a "chip butty" but undeterred, she asked North what the "weirdest thing you guys say" is.

And North being from Burnley had a brilliant response.

"Put wood in th'ole," he immediately replied without even having to think about it.

Eilish at this stage just laughed and couldn't believe what she'd heard: "You guys are not real."

North explained it means to shut the door and Eilish had a go at saying it herself: "Wooden fold?"

"Wood in hole?" she said before laughing.

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