Blake Lively posted a 'make-up free' selfie and people got annoyed

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Whether it's beating Ryan Reynolds with an epic birthday message, or trolling her husband's awful baking skills, Blake Lively is known for being pretty hilarious on social media.

So, you might think that everyone would take her posts with a pinch of salt.

But when Lively shared a 'no make-up selfie' on Instagram, some people got pretty annoyed.

Yeah, clearly this is shot is not au naturale at all.

But it's probably fair to assume that Lively knows she is wearing a full face of make-up here and is simply being her usual jokey self.

Yet people were not amused.

Instagrammer oxteauxo just didn't think it was funny:

That's anything but makeup free. Maybe this is sarcasm and I'm just not getting it.

zelenfr was baffled, pointing out that Lively couldn't possibly look more heavily made-up than usual after taking her make-up off:

You were born with pink lipstick and black eye liner and tan blush ? Mmmm

mrsmommydekker wrote:

I guess I just don't get the joke.

I just think of teens seeing that hashtag and believing it because that's how everyone looks on tv and in magazines.

It's easy for a teen to think that's actually what she looks like with no makeup.

It would've been funnier if she had her face painted or something but the makeup she has on in this pic is meant to make her look naturally beautiful.

Which of course she (and everyone) is naturally beautiful just wish she wouldn't have used that hashtag.

And soophiiiaaaaa said:

Wow that's it.

I always like you but it's posts like this that mislead kids and teens into creating false body images that are just crap.

This is neither makeupfree nor natural.

It's all fake and so are you. 

However, most people defended Lively and enjoyed the joke.

thesaltedbeard pointed out:

yea she is playing/sarcasm. Her Being married to Ryan Reynolds would have to rub off surely. Pure sarcasm at its best.

And djkerryz wrote:

She's just being sarcastic and funny y'all

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