David Bowie ‘was about to start experimental cancer treatment’ a month before he died

David Bowie was about to try an experimental cancer treatment and was feeling optimistic about his future in the weeks before his death, a longtime friend of the iconic singer has claimed.

Bowie passed away on Sunday after a “courageous fight” with cancer. His family has not released information on the kind of cancer he suffered with but Ivo van Hove, the director of Bowie’s musical, Lazarus, said the 69-year-old was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Robert Fox, a theatre producer and friend of the trailblazing singer said he visited Bowie a month before his death and found him feeling positive about his progress.

“He was feeling unwell but he wasn’t making a fuss about it,” Mr Fox told the Times.

He was about to start a new treatment that was quite experimental and that had had some success in other people. He felt optimistic about it being able to prolong his life, hopefully in the belief that there would be better and newer treatments that would come along.

  • Robert Fox
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