Woman discovers boyfriend of five years thinks women shouldn't have the vote

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A woman has revealed that her boyfriend of five years, a man who she was thinking of marrying, believes that women shouldn't get the vote, and people are shocked.

In a now-viral Reddit post, a woman said:

...he just admitted to me that over the past year he's grown more and more extreme in his views, to the point that he believes women have ruined the country (we are American) and that they should not be allowed to vote...

He says he did not feel comfortable telling me about this sooner because he thought he would lose me.

I'm upset and I can't tell if I'm wrong to be upset about this because I know that everyone is entitled to have their own views, but now I just feel as though he doesn't even value my own input/views.

He has assured me that he still thinks that I should be allowed to vote but that women in general should not...

Here's the full post:

In a tweet, @redditrelationships also shared the post, and it goes without saying that it elicited a very large reaction.

One commented:

I don't think he gets a vote on whether you stick around.

Another commented:

The best advice I ever saw was "Don't marry a man unless you'd be proud to have a son just like him"

What are you doing, OP?

A third summed it up:

My best advice: break up with him, ASAP. I know that's difficult, but that's the same thing as saying black people shouldn't be allowed to vote, gay people shouldn't be allowed to vote, etc.

While in all other ways it may 'seem' perfect, he definitely has problems, and relationships like this will ALWAYS end up badly.

Do not stay with him, don't rationalize the situation, don't try to change him, it's over.

He views your, and all other women's political opinion, as inferior.

There is no way your relationship will work out long-term with both of you being happy as long as he has this ideology.

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