Ben Shapiro just tried to take down Megan Rapinoe and it's really not going to end well

Ben Shapiro just tried to take down Megan Rapinoe and it's really not going to end well

Right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro attempted to take down Megan Rapinoe, however, it didn't go particularly well for him.

Speaking on his show, Shapiro has claimed that the reason Rapinoe is successful is because she's "a very outspoken lesbian". Yes, he really believes that the reason she's incredibly successful and talented has nothing to do with the fact that she's... successful and talented.

Ranting on The Ben Shapiro Show, he said:

We have to pretend that truly she's a hero to everyone. Absolute, absolute silliness. 

And bad for the country by the way. When even the stuff we take a break with is turned into this, it's pretty obnoxious. 

And we're not talking about 1968 in the middle of the civil rights movement, with American sprinters raising the black power fist because American politics is polarised around them... race in '68. 

We're not talking about that. We are talking about gay marriage is legal across the United States because of a Supreme Court dictate. 

He then adds:

We're talking about Megan Rapinoe is getting million dollar contracts specifically because of her sexuality... and because she she's a very, very, good soccer player. 

But let's make no mistake. If she was a very, very, good soccer player and she wasn't an outspoken lesbian, she would be getting fewer contracts. 

Because she is seen as a political figure. 

She is sort of Colin Kaepernick but with actual talent. 

So, all of this is obnoxious, but we're supposed to pretend that she's so charming and wonderful. 

But it is not obnoxious to live in the best time for women, and the best time for lesbians, and the best time for women's soccer in the world. 

The best time in the history of the world for any of those things. 

We're supposed to pretend that she's the victim and America's a terrible place, so that she can make more money, presumably? 

Pretty gross. 

Yes, sure, Ben. That's definitely how it works. Social media users were quick to call him out.

Well, we stan OUR president.

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