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J.K. Rowling has descended once more into the fray on Twitter.

At the end of the third round of European Union talks the UK's chief negotiator, Brexit Secretary David Davis said 'concrete progress' was being made.

His opposite number Michel Barnier said in the same press conference there had been a lack of 'any decisive progress on any of the principal subjects'.

As the two parties failed to agree on how much they agree, the moment of Britain's departure from the EU in March 2019 draws ever closer.

On Sunday, author J.K. Rowling shared an opinion article entitled 'The fantasy that Brexit would be easy is costing us dear' from the Guardian.

Michael Phillips, a consultant with the Twitter handle 'negotiationguru' replied to Rowling, and claimed the reason Brexit talks are becoming stuck was because of Remain supporters.

J.K. Rowling responded:

Phillips denied that there was any fire.

Phillips had also tried to engage Rowling on Wednesday when he responded to another Brexit related link on the author's Twitter feed.

And on Tuesday, when he mentioned Rowling in a tweet to journalist Adam Bienkov.

And did so again on Thursday in a reply on the same thread.

Phillips, coincidentally, describes himself in his Twitter bio as the founder and head of a 'niche management consulting company, Phillips Consulting' and calls himself a 'highly experienced and successful international negotiator'.

His account currently has 12.5 thousand followers on Twitter.

Roughly 12.3 million accounts currently follow Rowling.

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