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A wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important day's in any person's life and even the slightest problem can potentially ruin the day.

However, some people can be so precious about the event that they want everything to look perfect but aren't willing to pay the full price for everything.

This was evident in a recent text conversation that was shared online by a florist named Mimi, who had a run-in with a bride who wasn't willing to pay full price for the flowers that she wanted.

According to the screen grabs shared by Mimi on Imgur, the bride was so against paying full price for the decorations, which were $18-per-foot, that she was hoping that she would do them for free.

The conversation started off with the bride sending Mimi an image of what she wanted and it only got worst from there.

Picture:Picture: Imgur

The bride then questioned why they were so much which led Mimi to explain in great detail why she charged such an amount.

Picture:Picture: Imgur

The bride still wasn't getting it and asked if Mimi could just spare her the time and 'help out'.

Picture:Picture: Imgur

Once Mimi explained that she wasn't prepared to work for free she was met with a thumbs down emoji which appeared to draw a conclusion to the conversation.

Picture:Picture: Imgur

Needless to say, users on Imgur were equally as unimpressed with the bride's comments and actions towards Mimi.

One wrote:

People who think their "exposure" equates money are the worst types of people. It's a real slap in the face.

Another added:

Spends $10k on everything else, wants the flowers at cost and free labour. Sounds about right.

This comment really says it all:

The thumbs down really encapsulates the immaturity.

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