Britney Spears 'prays her mom and dad burns in hell'

Britney Spears 'prays her mom and dad burns in hell'
Britney Spears felt like she was in 'science lab' during stay at ...
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Britney Spears has taken to Instagram with an intense audio clip and prayers that both her parents "burn in hell".

On Monday (12 September), the pop sensation, 40, shared details of her 13-year conservatorship.

She recalled "the weirdest thing she's ever encountered" before she had to "go to that place", presumingly referring to a rehab facility. Spears told her 42 million followers that she had her first MRI for a cyst on her chest when she was around eight years old, where doctors assured her she was fine.

However, she detailed that her parents insisted she had three more MRIs throughout her conservatorship, which didn't "make sense". The appointments even led Spears to believe they were hiding a "secret" cancer diagnosis from her.

"The isolation, the nurses, the vials of blood, the constant communication … I was like, ‘Wait, is this a new kind of cancer treatment? Is that why they sent me away to this place? They didn’t want me to know [a] big secret?'" Spears shared.

She concluded by saying she believes her parents were "just being mean" and that her father was "trying to kill me".

"I hope he burns in f***ing hell," she said, which she reiterated in the lengthy post caption.

She expressed the difficulties accepting what her family had done to her and will do for the rest of her life.

Spears penned: "As for my Mom and Dad who sat back and hid coffee from me at the house to wake me up from feeling dead and scared like an old lady … and threw me away … I will say it loud and proud … I pray you both burn in hell."

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Fans flocked to the post with messages of love and support for the star.

"We are so proud of you for speaking out! We support you," one said, while another commented: "The best form of revenge is to get healthy and be happy! I pray you are both happy and healthy every day."

A third fan encouraged Spears to "speak and shout" as "it's part of the process."

They added "It's part of the cure. I can imagine your pain and it's hard, but I'll always remind you about your importance and talent. You have millions of fans all over the world."

Indy100 reached out to her parents, Lynne Spears and Jamie Spears for comment.

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