Britney Spears denies her Instagram posts are why her kids don’t want ...

Britney Spears is facing backlash after naming only Black celebrities when speaking about marijuana in a lengthy Instagram post.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Spears wrote an explanation to why she believes her two teenage sons do not want to see her and criticized her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, after he spoke out an interview with The Daily Mail.

In the interview, Federline claimed he and Spears' teenage sons do not want to see her as often because of the semi-nude photos she posts to her social media. In addition, Federline is set to speak in a TV interview about raising his two sons in his blended family.

Spears however was not happy with Federline's words as she took to Instagram to defend herself and push back against his claims.

"So as much of you watch, what he refers to his family as the PERFECT BRADY BRUNCH family... I can guarantee you, that house has more weed than Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jay Z and Puff Daddy combined!" Spears wrote.

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While many felt for Spears' emotional rant, others pointed out that she seemingly only mentioned Black celebrities when speaking about marijuana.

"Not the racial profiling. What an embarrassing post." A Twitter user wrote.

On Twitter, people called out Spears for being 'racist' and 'problematic' for only associating Black celebrities with marijuana.

Others felt that Spears had no ill-intent in her post and people were overlooking the major problem which is Federline's narrative bashing her as a mother.

It is unclear if Spears deleted her Instagram post because it was met with backlash or for another reason.

Either way, Spears' message conveyed her anger and sadness over not seeing her children.

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