I Like It: Cardi B is an unlikely My Chemical Romance fan

Cardi B always makes sure she gives love where it's due to her fellow artists (remember when she fangirled over Penn Badgley's character in You?).

While Cardi B is known for being one of the most influential rap artists, fans might be surprised to know that she's a fan of emo rock band My Chemical Romance.

On Tuesday, Cardi B took to Twitter to praise the band by sharing a clip from the music video of their song “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).”

“They don’t make music like this anymore,” Cardi B tweeted alongside the clip.

Her words came as a bit of a shock to fans who were surprised she listened to this genre of music.

"I can’t believe she tweeted this I’m losing my mind," wrote one person.

"Did not expect this tweet from this account," wrote another Twitter user.

Someone else said, "Cardi is a cultured OG though."

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"Who had cardi b shouting out mcr on their 2022 bingo card?" one user joked.

Despite the initial shock, many people were excited that an artist as popular as Cardi B gave a shoutout to the band. One person even went as far as to say that Cardi's tweet might be the beginning of a punk revival.

"If this is what it takes to kickstart the pop punk revival I'm absolutely ready. Have been for 10 years," they wrote.

My Chemical Romance also noticed Cardi’s tweet and responded: “Grazie mille Cardi!”

"haha collab rn," one fan joked in response.

"Need a collab here," another said.

Like fans, we'll be patiently waiting for this song collab to happen.

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