Lizzo has released her first song in two years called Rumors, a collaboration with her labelmate Cardi B, and they both sarcastically agree that “all the rumors are true” while dismissing gossip spread about them.

The first-ever collaboration between the two stars has not disappointed fans as, not only have they released an eye-catching video that pays tribute to Disney’s animated Hercules movie, but the lyrics to the tune are more than happy to mock some of the things that have been reported about them.

Lizzo touches on negative comments about her body image and pours cold water on a rumor that she had slept with Drake, while a pregnant Cardi B raps about her supposed “fake ass and fake boobs” and that she uses streaming machines to boost the popularity of her music.

The video has already been viewed nearly half a million times in the handful of hours since it was released on YouTube and it’s safe to say that fans are loving the pair quashing the rumors about them.

As you can probably guess, neither woman is pulling any punches in their promotion of the song. The day before the song was released, Lizzo shared a NSFW Instagram post of the duo complete with the caption: “Fun fact: we took this picture right after cardi whispered “I want to eat yo p***y’ in my ear.”

We can’t see every act adopting this sort of promotional tactic – but more power to Lizzo and Cardi for it.

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