Tom Hanks tells Cher she's 'missing out' after candid revelation on Graham Norton Show

Tom Hanks tells Cher she's 'missing out' after candid revelation on Graham Norton Show
Tom Hanks starts Cher chant on The Graham Norton Show
The Graham Norton Show

Tom Hanks was forced to interject on the Graham Norton Show on Friday night after Cher admitted that she wasn't a big fan of herself and rarely listens to her music or watches her films.

Hanks and Cher were among a star-studded set of guests on the BBC show, sitting alongside other Hollywood royalty; Julia Roberts and Timothee Chalamet.

During Norton's conversation with Cher he asked the entertainment icon if she ever listens to her own music or watches herself on screen.

The 77-year-old simply replied by saying she's "not a big Cher fan" adding: "I don't usually listen to a song. Usually I like the songs that weren't hits."

Norton then asked if she's ever sat down to watch any of her movies if they were on TV. She bluntly replied 'no.'

Sensing that Cher was underplaying her impressive filmography, Hanks piped up and told her she was "missing out."

The Academy Award winner enthusiastically continued: "Motion picture perfection? Mamma Mia 2. When she busts our Fernando the whole world stops. Suns clash into stars."

Chalamet also pointed out that Moonstruck was a highlight, a movie that Cher won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1988.

Hanks then said: "I think we should all go to the theatre and watch Cher movies, right?" or as Julia Roberts called it a "Cher-a-thon."

Just in case Hanks didn't express enough in that snippet how big of a Cher fan he was he also started chanting her name shortly after she finished performing.

Elsewhere viewers were in awe at the level of stardom on the show.

One person wrote: "The level of stardom on #grahamnorton tonight is crazy! Everyone in the audience is SO lucky to be at this one!"

Another said: "What an iconic sofa tonight."

A third added: "What. A. Sofa. Lineup!!!

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