Chris Hemsworth has a strict 'unhealthy' dehydration regime before topless scenes

Chris Hemsworth has a strict 'unhealthy' dehydration regime before topless scenes
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Chris Hemsworth didn't just wake up like this. In fact, all of his shirtless scenes as Thor actually are the result of a brutal dehydration process.

According to his longtime trainer Luke Zocchi, the process starts a week before he is scheduled to shoot a topless scene.

Zocchi told Insider that during this time, Hemsworth gradually increases his water intake. Then he stops drinking water altogether a day and a half before call time.

Of the strict dehydration regimen Zocchi said, "We start with three litres and everyday increase by one litre, and then by the end, he drinks seven litres of water."

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"Then around lunchtime before the scene, we cut water completely," he said before adding that "this is by no means a healthy thing to do" and that he "wouldn't recommend that anyone else do this."

In cooperation with the unconventional method, Zocchi said that Hemsworth will also simultaneously carb-cycle. Meaning that he "depletes his body of carbs in the week leading up to filming, but then eats 40 grams of carbs every two hours in the last two days before call time."

So what's the purpose of these practices? One word: muscles.

Zocchi told the outlet that the process replenishes Hemsworth's muscles with glycogen after draining them their fluids. This in turn makes his muscles look "denser and harder than they would naturally."

"You're basically trying to look as hard and as dense as you can with your muscles and take all the fluid out of your body, and take out as much fat as you can," Zocchi said.

In addition to all of this, Hemsworth will still apparently spend the last two days before filming doing high-rep, low-weight lifting workouts.

In the end, it's an extremely unhealthy way of going about making your muscles appear aesthetically better.

Hemsworth himself has seen the effects firsthand. Per Zocchi, the Avengers star has experienced a headache or felt less energetic after enduring his routine, both of which are symptoms of dehydration.

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