Chris Pratt fans divided over claim that he's secretly a Trump supporter

Chris Pratt fans divided over claim that he's secretly a Trump supporter

Who is the best Chris? That’s the eternal question.

The battle of the Chrisses returned once again when writer Amy Berg asked the world to ditch one Chris.

As people debated the merits of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, and whether Chris Pine really is underrated, one obvious contender stood out as the least favourite Chris.

The crowning of Pratt as “Worst Chris” also led people to discover that many people believe the actor is a Trump supporter.

The news left people distraught.

But is Chris Pratt really a Trump supporter?


The actor has kept pretty quiet about his political views, but it’s not that much of a reach either to say that he’s probably a conservative.

Back in July, Pratt received backlash after he was spotted wearing a T-shirt with the Gadsden flag, a symbol which has been adopted by white supremacists. Conservatives also came to his defence, so safe to say, he doesn’t scream liberal.

Last year, the actor was also criticised by Ellen Page for attending Hillsong Church, which was founded by an anti-marriage equality pastor and refers its LGBTQ+ members to conversion therapy.

The church has since denounced conversion therapy, but founder Brian Houston confirmed its position church in a blog post, writing that the church does not “affirm a gay lifestyle and because of this we do not knowingly have actively gay people in positions of leadership, either paid or unpaid.”

The actor responded to the allegations in an Instagram post, writing that he goes to “a church that opens their doors to absolutely everyone.”

If Pratt actually isn’t a conservative, he’s not exactly doing a good job of showing it.

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