Want to have your voice heard? Join Conversations from indy100

Want to have your voice heard? Join Conversations from indy100

Conversations from indy100 will launch soon, and we are looking for people who want to share their thoughts and experiences in a meaningful way. Conversations is a new social journalism platform empowering the crowd.

Why should a small group of columnists, politicians and "thought leaders" get to dominate the debate? Why do so many comment articles have to take a side, taking shots at others? Why does so much of social media have to be about short, aggressive exchanges? Can't we all discuss the subject we want to talk about properly?

Now you can, with your post appearing on indy100, reaching millions of readers. The top and most frequent contributors have the chance to be promoted on The Independentand you may be invited to write separately for The Independent, one of the world's biggest quality news brands.

From Covid-19 to Black Lives Matter, the US election to LGBTQ+ rights, we want to amplify voices that are traditionally marginalised, giving you the chance to write about the subjects you truly care about. We're especially keen to hear from writers on these subjects, but we also accept submissions on lifestyle, culture and sport subjects. So whether it's telling the world about a cause you're passionate about, or explaining exactly why you love your favourite TV show so much, Conversations is an opportunity to have your say.

Once you submit your post, it will go to our team of Conversations editors who will review it. The best posts will then be featured on indy100, shared across our huge social media accounts and have the chance to be promoted on The Independent. Here's a sneak peak at what your submission could look like...

A sneak peak at Conversations from indy100

If you're passionate about writing, or want to have your say on a matter close to your heart, Conversations is the place for you.

Ready to get started? Sign up here, write your first post, and be the first to start the Conversation.

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