Creator of Paris Hilton ‘stop being poor’ meme ‘identifies themselves’ on Twitter

Sinead Butler
Thursday 06 May 2021 12:48

Paris debunked the iconic meme in a TikTok and now it’s creator has come forward.


Paris Hilton told this week how the meme of her wearing a top that said “stop being poor” was actually edited – and now the creator has apparently revealed themselves on Twitter.

In a TikTok video released on Monday, Hilton described to her 4.2 million followers how someone had changed the image and that her top actually said “stop being desperate.”

After the picture was created, it became a rather iconic meme, often used as a sarcastic response to political policies which are seen to disproportionately affect those on lower incomes.

Shortly after the image was circulated online, Amazon began selling a replica of the vest.

Now, the meme’s apparent creator has responded to Hilton’s explanation of the post.

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Twitter user @16pxl wrote: “LMAO omg paris hilton made a tik tok abt the shirt i photoshopped”, followed with a few laughing emojis.

People responded to the comment, with one asking: “wait you photoshopped this ??? lmaoooo,”

In response, @16pxl said: “lmaooo yeee back in 2013, didnt expect it to get attention but everyone thought the shirt was legit.”

The user also said they had originally shared the photoshopped image on Tumblr, describing it as a “beautiful place.”

Another person replied: “Omg TAG HER [Paris Hilton]” to which @16pxl shared their worries about getting sued, “LMAO i dont wanna b sued.”

But it appears the person had nothing to worry about as Hilton was able to see the funny side and responded to @16pxl’s original tweet.

She tweeted: “OMG I always thought a paparazzi agency edited it! So hilarious & #Iconic I thought it was funny when it came out but I also didn’t want to insult people by thinking I would wear that. Glad to finally clear this one up for the haters.”

The interaction between the two certainly amused many of Hilton’s – and the meme’s – fans.

One person wrote: “after all these years i’m so glad you two are finally friends”

“This has been a wild turn of events,” another quipped.

Someone else said: “This is the only news event I need for this year.”

We’re glad that this meme mystery appears to have finally been solved.