Majority of people prefer dad bods to more toned body shape, survey finds

Majority of people prefer dad bods to more toned body shape, survey finds
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An online survey has discovered that the majority of people prefer a softer and rounder male body type to the chiselled and toned one that is traditionally perceived as perfection.

As reported by The Guardian, 75 per cent of single people who took part in the survey conducted by Dating.com were said to prefer the so-called ‘dad bod’ type - a label that has been thrown at men who aren’t considered to have the athletic beach body that we’ve all seen in the movies.

Of those who took the survey and believe themselves to have a ‘dad bod,’ 45 per cent of them admitted to putting #dadbod in their bios as a way of showing off their proud physique.

That being said more than 70 per cent of singles who took part in the survey said that they have been working out more in the past few months in order to get into better shape for the summer.

Elsewhere the study found that just 15 per cent of members on the dating website likes the ‘Barbie or Ken’ look from their prospective partners.

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Maria Sullivan, Dating Expert and Vice President of Dating.com said that the survey proved that “very fit and in shape bodies” aren’t always the ideal when attracting partners.

Sullivan added: “Movies and TV shows tend to promote Barbie and Ken body types, giving people the idea that they need to look similar in order to find their match. We’re happy to be able to confirm that is not how the real world actually operates. No matter your body type, your soul mate is out there and Dating.com is dedicated to helping you find them.”

‘Dad bods’ have made several headlines in the past year most recently when Jonah Hill spoke out against newspaper headlines about his body shape. The actor and director opened up about the body dysmorphia he had experienced and how he had learned to “finally love and accept myself.”

Zac Efron even came under scrutiny last year when he was accused of having a ‘dad bod’ which sparked a debate about the harmful body expectations that are forced upon men.

Regardless, one person who doesn’t agree that dad bods are all the rage is Fox News’s Laura Ingraham who called the Dating.com survey ‘false.’

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