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We all try to lead relatively healthy lives. Ignorance is no longer a suitable excuse for eating and drinking irresponsibly. We know smoking causes cancer, we know drinking hurts your liver and we know junk food will make us unhealthy.

But sometimes it's very difficult to say no to some fries or a burger. Typically after you've had an aforementioned drink.

This is true for everyone - whether you're a bleary eyed journalist or world famous ex-footballer, model and household name David Beckham.

Sometimes you've just got to scratch that junk food itch.

But, I hear you proclaim, what on earth would Beck's order?

Well, no more sleepless nights for you dear reader, that question has been finally answered.

Victoria's husband recently went through a McDonald's drive through in Chippenham near Bath, and a staff member asked for a selfie.

Being an all-round gent, Mr Beckham obliged, and the pair snapped a pic while he waited for his meal.

That staff member was Shift manager Philip Moulton, and he posted the pic to Facebook with the caption:

I am literally star struck! David beckham on the drive-thru 😍

Everyone wanted to know in the comments, what did he order?

Philip revealed it was a Big Mac meal and two cheeseburgers.

So there you go folks, another one of life's mysteries solved. Tune in next time where we find out what Solange would order in Wasabi, how many chicken nuggets Nicholas Parsons can consume in a single sitting, and whether Anne Hathaway keeps her tomato sauce in the fridge or the cupboard.

I would say we're unlikely to find out those things, but it's 2017, you never know what might happen.

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