David Miliband will not stand for Labour leader, will criticise Ed

David Miliband has criticised his brother's leadership of the Labour party, saying he failed to do enough to woo the middle classes and voters "did not want what was being offered".

But he ruled himself out of running for the Labour leadership himself and refused to be drawn on who he believed was best to take over from his brother.

The elder Miliband brother was speaking from New York City, where he moved to in 2013 to head up the International Rescue Committee charity after he lost the Labour leadership election to his younger brother.

Speaking to the BBC, he said there was no point "blaming the electorate" for the result of last week's election. “Any suggestion that they didn't 'get it' is wrong. They didn't want what was being offered."

He added that under Ed and Gordon Brown Labour had "allowed themselves to be portrayed as moving backwards from the principles of aspiration and inclusion that are the absolute heart of any successful progressive political project".

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