Voting is a key to democracy, a chance to stand up for your beliefs and against those unworthy of power. It is a precious right many fought for.

Well, an unelected Peer of the House of Lords seems to think it's a waste of time.

But unlike the rest of us, voting is in his job description.

Ex-CBI chair Lord Digby Jones has a woeful record when it comes to making his voice heard, rarely turning up to the Lords chambers to speak or vote.

The Life Peer has been criticised after it emerged he claimed £14,091 in expenses and allowances over 12 months, but didn't speak in any debates during that period.

Nearly £1.3 million in expenses and allowances has been spent on 115 Peers who failed to speak in the House for an entire year, according to an Electoral Reform Society report.

BBC reporter Sarah Smith took him up on his record on Sunday Politics.

She asked:

If you're not prepared to wait there for votes, if you're not prepared to take part in debates, why do you want to be a member? 

It's possible to resign from the House of Lords.

Lord Jones appeared baffled that people vote when there are 'better' things to do.

He said:

I will entertain at lunchtime or show people round the house, everything from school children to inward investors.

I will meet ministers about big business issues or educational issues and, at the same time, I will meet other members of the Lords to get things moving.

He added:

I'm not somebody who's going to hang around restaurants and bars waiting to vote.

This comes after Lord Jones called for other Lords to lose their job, even if he himself fails to debate or vote.

According to the Birmingham Mail, he thinks around 500 members of the Lord should be cut, reducing the total to just 300 Peers, as well as abolish the 92 hereditary Peers.

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