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With the cold months beginning to settle in, you might have noticed a few more coughs and sneezes floating around than usual.

Serious illnesses can be rampant at this time of year, that's why it is important to get those vital flu vaccinations, despite what anti-vaxxers might say.

Despite it being presented as a perfectly logical way to prevent diseases, there are still some who refuse to get immunised.

This is particularly worrying when you consider parents might be putting their children and others at risk by abstaining from vaccination.

To try and highlight just how important a vaccination is, and the dangers that exposure to a disease can do to someone, mother Nicole Stellon O'Donnell shared a very personal story about her child that soon went viral.

Once people had read the story they began to share their own stories, proving that this is way more common than you might think.

JK Rowling also retweeted the thread, which delighted Nicole's daughters to no end.

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